My journey with a neurodiverse-focused counsellor has been life-changing. Jilleun’s provided invaluable understanding and tools tailored to my unique needs. Through Jilleun’s guidance, I’ve become more confidence, unlocking my true potential.  Her expertise and support have empowered me to thrive and embrace my authentic self.



I am incredibly grateful for the support of Jilleun’s who address my anxiety. With Jilleun’s expertise, I learned coping strategies to manage anxiety. Their guidance helped me build resilience, confidence, and a deep understanding of myself.



Jilleun’s expertise in executive functioning has been a game-changer. She provided targeted strategies and support to enhance my organizational skills, time management, and decision-making abilities. With Jilleun’s guidance, I’ve experienced significant improvements in my productivity and overall effectiveness, empowering me to excel both personally and professionally.



I am incredibly fortunate to have Jilleun as my counsellor. Her exceptional skills in guiding me through the challenges of emotional deregulation has been life-changing. Her compassionate and empowering approach has enabled me to find healing, and a deep sense of self-acceptance. With her therapeutic interventions and tools, I have developed effective coping strategies, transforming my life in ways I never thought possible. I will forever be grateful for Jilleun’s transformative support.



I wholeheartedly recommend counselling with Jilleun.  She has played an instrumental role in my journey of self-discovery, helping me navigate many complexities and empowering me to lead a fulfilling and successful life. Jilleun’s expertise, compassion, and unwavering support have made a profound impact, and I am forever grateful.